Said the Mahatma……”Sanitation is more important than independence”           “Leaving night-soil, is a sin against God as well as humanity, and betrays a sad want of consideration for others"

Sanitation issues in our country is a problem of such complexity and magnitude, that it will take decades to see the desired results
Can government alone provide all the necessary solutions?
An out of box solution is needed!
Both public and private enterprises need to put their act together.
The consciousness of the entire nation should be awakened to put the project on fast track.

Sanitation worker have to often engage in the manual cleaning of human excreta from service/ dry latrines. They enter the dry latrines and collect the human excreta with their bare hands, carry it as head-load in a container to dispose it off.

In this so-called civilized century some people have to perform the demeaning job of clearing human excreta in order to earn their livelihood.

The human development index is substantially lowered under poor sanitary conditions as it is complexly intertwined with health and education issues.

How can we help improve sanitation status of the county?

Both private and public enterprises must engage in the cause of sanitation. If we can awaken the consciousness of the entire nation, we can hope to create a tremendous impact and achieve quick results.

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