1. To ensure adequate health care for everyone even during a crisis.
  2. To ensure perfect medical treatment for everyone at all times.
  3. To ensure no one remains blind for life for want of eye donors.
  4. To ensure no one dies awaiting an organ transplant.
  5. To ensure no one dies for want of blood donors.
  6. To ensure exemplary sanitation facilities throughout the country.
  7. To ensure dignity of sanitation workers.
  8. To provide an opportunity to every indian to contribute towards the social causes.


  1. To create mass awakening about online storage of health records and revolutionise health care for the masses.
  2. To motivate the nation to become eye, organ & blood donors.
  3. To create a cleanliness revolution.
  4. To create sympathy for sanitation workers & restore their dignity.
  5. To make every indian feel proud to have been part of this mission & vision.


  1. To create a self-sustaining-program
  2. To make available a unique 3d health & donor card to the public.
  3. To motivate each & everyone to maintain health records in a digital form.
  4. To have a country full of health conscious individuals.
  5. To help individuals with sight problems to live a life of dignity,
  6. To help individuals in need of organ donation to become healthy again.
  7. To involve our masses to resolve all sanitation woes of the country
  8. To make the country clean and prosperous.
  9. To restore the dignity of the nation.