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“A first-of-its-kind concept, to raise mass awareness regards various social issues and raise funds from the masses for the purpose of sanitation!”


  • To generate funds from the masses through the sales of a unique 3D EMERGENCY HEALTH AND DONOR CARD.
  • To channelize the large amounts of funds generated by sale of 3D cards towards providing sanitation facilities throughout the length & breadth of the country
  • To help other NGOs working in the field of sanitation & to fund them in rehabilitating scavengers, building toilets, replacing dry toilets with biotoilets, maintaining toilets and improving sanitation in all ways possible
  • To join authorities in power and policy makers to implement related schemes speedily.
  • To make a dramatic change in the lives of manual scavengers
  • To help healthcare professionals take appropriate action in an emergency that can save the life of the card owner
  • To bring the issue of shortage of eye, organ and blood donors to the forefront
  • To shake up the consciousness of the nation regarding the lacunae in the social causes
  • To create a self-sustaining program by involving the entire population in the campaign